Administrative Fees

Well Registration:  $0

Well Permitting:  Class A - $25; Class B - $50; Class C - $75; Transport - $75

Re-Issue of lapsed permit:  same as above depending on Class

Permit Renewal Fee:  $0

Aggregation of Permits:  $0

Permit Amendments:  $0

Water Use Fees

Production:  $0

Transport:  Amount as specified by the District's amended Enabling Act (i.e. not to exceed 150% of the Maximum Wholesale Rate Charged by the City of Houston)

Open Records Request Fees

Standard size copies:  $0.10 per page

Over-sized copies:  cost of outside copying

Non-rewriteable CD:  $1.00 per CD

Locating, compiling and reproducing information: $25 per hour (billed at increments no less than 1/4 hour)

Postage & shipping:  actual costs

Return check fee:  $35

Other Fees

Generation of Hydrogeological Report:  invoiced cost of report by outside contractor 

Review of Hydogeological Report: $50 per hour