What if need to drill a new well?

First, you must register your well with the District. The well must be registered prior to drilling. Oftentimes, a drilling company will complete a registration form on your behalf. Be sure to check with your driller.

Do I have to register my water well?

Yes. All wells, regardless of use, must be registered with the District unless the well has been permanently sealed. This included domestic wells and windmills. 

What do I need to do if I bought a property that already has a well?

You will need to submit a Transfer of Ownership form. Upon receipt, the District will update the well owner information in our database. The Transfer or Ownership form can be found under the 'Forms' tab. 

Do house wells or livestock wells require a permit?

If the well is capable of pumping more than 35 gallons per minute (50,000 gallons per day), it will require a permit. 

Do rig supply wells require a permit?

No. By state law, wells supplying water to a rig that is drilling for hydrocarbons are exempt. 

Do wells drilled for fracking require a permit?

Possibly. Contact our office to discuss further. 

Does my well need a meter?

All Class C wells require a meter. The Board reserves the right to require a meter on other permitted wells.