The mission of the Colorado County Groundwater Conservation District is to evaluate, preserve, and protect the groundwater of Colorado County, to prevent waste, and to ensure an adequate supply for current and future residents, industry and agriculture.

Why is it important to register your water well?

Well registration assists the District in determining how much groundwater is being used and ultimately how much is available. Without an accurate accounting of the number of wells in the district, we may overestimate how much water we have available to us. A high water availability number would be attractive to outside water marketers who may wish to exploit this area’s groundwater resources.

By registering your water well, the District can ensure that new high-capacity wells are spaced far enough away so as not to adversely impact your well.

The District can provide notice and work with you in cases of groundwater contamination or pollution.

Since well drillers, pump installers and other maintenance providers are bound by District rules, they may choose not to work on your well if it is not registered with the District.

All wells must be registered PRIOR to drilling in order for us to determine if a permit will be required.


January 15, 2016, is the start of the public comment period on the proposed Desired Future Conditions of GMA 15.  This public comment period will last 90 days ending on April 13, 2016.  Material related to the proposed Desired Future Conditions of GMA 15 is available at the office of the Colorado County Groundwater Conservation District located at 910 Milam St. in Columbus.  Prior to the ending of the public comment period, a public hearing will be held at the CCGCD office.  Notice of the time for this hearing will occur at a future date.  If you would like to view the proposed Desired Future Conditions and supporting material and/or would like to submit comment, please contact or visit the CCGCD office. 

The GCD Members for GMA 15 are as follows:  Aransas County GCD, Bee GCD, Calhoun County GCD, Coastal Bend GCD, Coastal Plains GCD, Colorado County GCD, Corpus Christi ASR Conservation District, Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District, Fayette County GCD, Goliad County GCD, Pecan Valley GCD, Refugio GCD, Texana GCD, and Victoria County GCD.

                                   DISTRICT CALENDAR

     2/15                        President's Day                                                    CLOSED
     3/17                        Permit Hearing/Regular Meeting                       7:00 p.m.

     3/25                        Good Friday                                                          CLOSED

    4/21                        Permit Hearing/Regular Meeting                        7:00 p.m.

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